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From Data to Information
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Integrated Design and Services

Software service providers typically aren’t the developer of the business intelligence tools. With TURBOARD, the software provider is also the developer who knows every detail of the software and is able to provide customization to meet particular needs.

Your Company's Objectives

Companies typically work to improve profitability by increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Our experienced data scientists spend time with clients to understand company objectives and strategy to customize TURBOARD to meet your particular needs.

Understand Your Data

Understanding a company’s aims and bottlenecks are one thing, finding out what can be deduced from data is something else. Key performance indicators, measures and dimensions are all waiting to be found within your company’s data. Uncovering this information may require consolidating existing data or tracking it down in unexpected places within the a company’s data system. The result can provide the type of insight that can help companies reach their corporate objectives.

Different business sectors, with different data sets and needs, can benefit from the customizable metrics provided by TURBOARD.

Work in Iterations

Success typically requires steady work towards well-defined objectives. Nobody knows more about your company than you. To capture that knowledge E-Kalite organizes well planned meetings to understand the underlying data and to propose the most  appropriate TURBOARD  applications. Step-by-step, an increasingly customized version of TURBOARD is created that meets your company’s particular needs.

It’s the Hole, Not the Drill, that Matters

Companies need actionable information, not another data system. Benefits, not a set of features. With TURBOARD, the company that designed and built the software is the same as the company that services and customizes TURBOARD to your particular needs. This makes a difference when you need your business intelligence software tailored to your particular needs.