This page is not a full reference guide, as including all TURBOARD capabilities built since 2004 would end up in a tedious laundry list. For training purposes refer to our manuals or consult your representative for Q/A sessions.


Easy of Use

Within minutes of your first hands-on experience start playing with your own data. No technical background required, only curiosity is enough to proceed.

Native Mobile

Install in your mobile device and test TURBOARD today.

Cloning dashboards (patented)

With one button clone your dashboard for Side-by-side comparison and see the striking differences by changing filters.

Embed into your application

Upsell your software by add compelling analytic visualizations. Easy integration of authentication and authorization for OEM usage within ERP's, CRM's, HR's etc.

Extended Slicing and Filtering Capabilities

Slice and dice your data without a need for a preprocess, turn almost all dashlets to slicer. If there is no field in database, create your filters using SQL.

Vis-a-vis date comparisons

Date field is special for TURBOARD. It will auto-adjust aggregate level and you have the ability to set relative date and do vis-a-vis comparison like todate comparison with last month, same month last year etc.

Optional in-memory

Activate in-memory to facilitate faster operations disregarding operational database speed. TURBOARD will memorize results and replenish most used queries on background without disrupting usage.

Ability to use most advanced constellation schema

Unlike some other BI tools with TURBOARD you are not circumscribed to use just star schema. Once you model, TURBOARD will learn complex relations and create queries on a battle-proven ORM.

Anomaly detection bundled in product

You don't need to open the same dashboard each day to check whether or not there is a forfeit or boon. Easily configure an alert in TURBOARD, you can even set an alert with a trend to detect a future problem.

Periodical reporting with no additional licensing

You can use TURBOARD as a reporting server with no additional cost. Set your dashboard and a period/time/receivers, populate by dimensions (like branches, products etc.) to send multiple reports at a time.

Scorecards in BI

BI will learn about your business when you add success/failure indicators in a hierarchical KPI tree all with connection to your data with TURBOARD model. You will be empowered to see trend of overall status of your branches, products, shops, employees etc.

Simulation - What-If

Change a parameter and see the impact in overall data. Increase a product price, check change of your turnover in different shops.

Data science meets BI

Don't be confined with past-and-current. Explore the future with data science capabilities of TURBOARD. Classify, cluster, apply polynomical or linear regression, do network graph with no external tool or without a need to learn a programming language.

Go advanced with SQL

If you are not contented with what you have in your current data fields you may extend without even touching database all in TURBOARD. Write SQL based expressions and create virtual dimensions, measures (with their filters).

Spreadsheet abilities

Add calculated measures do your arithmetic using column data, create pivot tables with ease. For users adept at popular spreadsheet applications like Excel

Various trend alternatives

Use linear trend or moving average, comes in handy especially for data on temporal dimension.

Easy network graph

With a few clicks see position of your products, branches in a network graph. With no-hassle usage of machine learning algorithms, this feature produces easy to grasp clustering.

Built-in themes with assorted color palettes

Select your defaults for your showcaeses from one of the built-in harmonious color palettes.

25 and expanding kinds of graphs

This list can be extended even with your suggestions. Interesting types like punched cards, ultilayered donut, wordcloud heatmaps etc.

Corporate abilities for authentication and authorization

For corporations with thousands of BI users giving access without recreating credentials and access is a must. TURBOARD has experience for 200K+ named users with different access rights, all viewing their own data. Auto-synchronization processes can be configured or new users can be created with API.

To reveal striking insights buried in your own data discover