Compare turboard with competitors, see when using TURBOARD will be a life saver for you and lucrative for your business.

  • In one PROD TURBOARD installation has more than 200K named user with different authorization settings, 800+ using TURBOARD at the same time at peak times.

  • Experience in sectors many with country-wide access and a team already replied to a torrent of user requests from the beginnning

  • These are also battle-proven, except for some cases of bulk usage (like failing for 10K users)

  • These are also battle-proven
  • First requests with minimal use case will work

  • Developers sometimes will receive new requests with resistance

  • First requests with minimal use case will work

  • Developers sometimes will receive new requests with resistance

  • Working with limited functionality

  • Known usecases sometimes in just one root benefactor or none

  • Since 2004 starting from pharmaceuticals (still providing data and BI service for 79% of large pharma) hundreds of features implemented

  • Being a mature BI software TURBOARD is prone to guidance by customers, feature requests are warmly received

  • Those software also has multitude of features (as this is a must for a successful BI)

  • Feature requests have bleak success rate to be included in next versions

  • Plenty of features many unfashionable

  • Even crucial functionality sometimes are buried in crowded interfaces

  • All features is the subset of requirements plus distinct developer additions

  • If you continue compensating developers salary you may have new features added

  • You need a good product manager to keep it tidy which would be costly

  • It will never reach to a level of  full-fledged functionality unless you pay in millions

  • Limited set of features

  • Sometimes they add features you request or they fix bugs you find without any SLA

  • In accounts using TURBOARD people traing newbies, or other companies working with their data. So usage spreads viral which is a clue on how easy to use TURBOARD is
  • These software are also appraised for ease of use
  • Some are notoriously hard to use as they are crowded with functionalities 

  • These are not business intelligence tools. They need a programmer to change visualizations. So criterion is not applicable.

  • If you find a screencast and follow it's path you may reach a result.

  • If you try to reach what you have in your mind that will be difficult or impossible.

  • Fanatical support: Even if you don't demand it we will be eager to help.

  • It's diversified, some new gen being better in support than others. 

  • It's common to pay costly receipts per hour

  • You can find many professionals providing support for traditional BI, those software tend to create a community for service provider companies

  • Support and maintenance will be costly

  • Vary vastly depends on software team and their mentality

  • Prone to change dramatically if someone on software team quits

  • Zero or depends on the whims of developers
  • Using docker software can easily be installed/upgraded

  • You won't do anything, monthly version upgrade and tests are provided by TURBOARD team

  • Besides no option to install by yourself in your own personal computer. TURBOARD is compatible for server environment.

  • Mostly you can download from web and install yourself

  • Upgrade may be a problem this may break some of your current dashboars. If you are not pro, you may need to pay for that service

  • Hard

  • Even professionals will devote hours of effort to install

  • You may find unknown bugs

  • You may not even turn back to working version

  • Outer software will do the work and write results to a file or database. Those results can be used in BI

  • They may provide binding to programming languages like R, you will need to write R code and it will work on sampling (not full data with filters)

  • Some traditional BI tools incorporated data science abilities
  • Developers can add analytical functionalities as they can change code and add libraries etc.

  • None, you may use other freeware for stats but those are not BI

  • Engineering team make 3 years plans with help of Gartner analysts and supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

  • Our current 3 year plan (will end in 2022) is an endevour directed towards Augmented Analytics

  • Our vision is to be one of the 3 best known BI in the world

  • Those are also directed towards Augmented Analytics
  • To facilitate new technologies those softwares may be revamped in near future
  • Everything can be changed with circulation of developers

  • They apparently based on community but mostly depending upon a few developers' effort.  

Other New Gen Traditional Custom Software Freeware
Battle-Proven 5 5 5 4 4
Features 5 5 5 1 2
Ease of Use 5 5 3 0 4
Support 5 4 5 4 0
Installation/Upgrade 4 5 3 4
Data Science 3 2 4 2 0
Product Vision 5 5 3 0 2

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