Strategical performance management tool : Scorecards

Scorecards (Performance Cards), being one of the building blocks of data driven organizations, makes it possible to track the progress of whole organization as well as it's parts. Leaders can observe possible problems before they become destructive and make timely amendments.

What's a scorecard?

Above all scorecard is a management approach. In a methodology strategy is deduced into goals and goals into KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). KPI's are the bricks of a TURBOARD scorecard (like dashlets of dashboards). KPI's can be linked to real-live data (utilized by data model of TURBOARD) or maybe kept as static for managers to fill periodically. At the bottom of the page see a sample scorecard to better apprehend concept.

Why scorecard is different and a valuable extension of classical dashboards?

Dashboard Scorecard
Purpose of Usage
  • Used for measuring and monitoring
  • Provides insights on status of organization
  • Visualizes current state of affairs
  • Makes it possible to ascertain performance
  • Planning and execution of corporate strategy
  • Makes it conspicious when a opportunity or a problem had arisen and give clues on how to mend the situation
  • Provides a mapping between KPI's and goals and makes it possible to focus on big picture
Measuring Method
  • Shows values based on live data
  • Remodels data (atomic and composite) into KPI scores
Target Group
  • All persona who can make use of data
  • Leaders/Directors/Managers
Data Update Period
  • Live data
  • Takes periodical snapshots of data to save situation at those times
  • Tactic
  • Strategic
  • Short term objectives
  • Long term goals
  • Can be used to present a summary of performance
  • Clearly demonstraters trends in different aspects / branches of organization in a normalized scoring system

What are the Main Components of a Scorecard?

Status Column

Presents normalized score with it's success rate in colors/icons (that can be changed in configuration)

Trend Column

Presents latest change in score of that KPI

Score Column

Score is calculated with value of KPI's in that group (or normalized/atomic value if it's leaf node)


  1. Min-Max range
  2. Weight: Some KPI's are more important than others. You can adjust their relative importance by configuring weight.
  3. Aim direction: As an example for smoking rate lower is better whereas for profit higher is better.

A sample showing a retail market performance card

Another Sample Scorecard Raising Questions About C-Sect

To reveal striking insights buried in your own data discover