Before Creating Meaningful Reports With Business Intelligence Solutions

In this article, I’ll be talking about some questions to ask yourself to increase success rate before you even use business intelligence solutions.

What is my aim?

You need to have an aim and make preliminary preparations before creating a report. Let’s define these steps:

  1. Am I working with data suitable for my goals? 

  2. What problems will the report I create solve for my manager or company?

  3. Did I design the visuals according to the needs of the people who will use it?

How accurate is my data?

You can’t create reliable reports from false data. You should check the data for inconsistencies after you decide what kinds of reports you want to create. There are two important questions to ask.

  1. Is your data quality good?

  2. Is data consistent and correct?

Do I know the scope of my report?

Different groups and audiences might prefer to see different detail levels. While upper management is interested in broad tendencies and views, project managers, product owners and others might need a more detailed picture.

Is my target audience correct?

Instead of creating detailed and complex reports for everyone, it is better to work on different reports for different audiences and adjust them based on their needs. This helps them create future strategies better by giving the right data to the right audience.

In this article, I’ve touched upon questions that we should ask ourselves before creating meaningful visuals from data. I hope this helps you to better prepare before creating reports.

Emel Hatice Üstbaş / TURBOARD Business Development Manager 2020/03/18

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