Who is a typical TURBOARD customer?

Open minded, vigorous data analysts, business development professionals and decision makers make a great match with spirited TURBOARD team.

Their imaginations become reality in the software. TURBOARD may be the only BI tool that your requests turn into being.

3 Keys for Success

  • Higher success rate

    It's not just the license TURBOARD team delivers the results. Click to icon see the portfolio.

  • Lower risk

    It's battle-proven, POC-ready. Send any data, get POC within one day. Don't pay without POC+using it.

  • Innovation for your future

    Don't just win the day, forge your future with 15+ years experience + vision of TURBOARD.

Progressive elaboration

Lot’s of features yet easy to use in a lightweight interface.
Doing easy things is easy, hard things is possible with TURBOARD.

A focus on changes in data and comparison

Data will make much sense when it’s compared with another dimension or another season. It’s easy to do that with TURBOARD.

Big data - big difference

TURBOARD works seamlessly with decent big data databases and uses in-memory just for the data that’s being used. Big Data Team is familiar with TB’s.