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How Can  Be Easy to Use and Feature Rich?

E-Kalite (builder of TURBOARD) has spent more than a decade working with users and observing how they work with software interfaces. Modules in TURBOARD open with default (most used) selections visible. Even when a user creates a custom visualization default dimensions, thresholds etc. are preset and ready for user customization.

Configuration settings are only shown only when appropriate in TURBOARD. As an example, a button for drawing regression lines, will be visible with scatter or bubble chart data. TURBOARD advanced features are always available, but only in the context of the current environment.


Cloud hosting is an option, but users should not be forced or compelled to transfer their data to a distant data center. TURBOARD provides companies with the option to keep classified corporate information on site within a secure intra-network. TURBOARD is by default set for on site installation.


In memory database systems are faster than traditional databases. This term is often promoted as a silver bullet for faster performance. This is not often the case with larger datasets, as it often can’t be practically fit into expensive memory units.

TURBOARD uses in-memory intelligently, allowing users to partially turn on in-memory usage with smart cache refresh options.

Advanced Filters

Auto-complete: You can multi-select from 23500 entries using auto-complete powered by in-memory architecture.

Slicer: You can turn almost any visualization into a filter. Unlike other services this is not another static widget but a large set of visualizations with a slicer mode added on.

Date filtering: Dates are one of the most important filters and benefit from power and variety. Options for date filters in TURBOARD include:
→ An auto aggregate date navigator. A date slider that provides additional detail in the context of the date selection, i.e., it will expand to show hours when a few days are selected
→ Complex multiple date selections. The ability to make complex selections with one click filters; for example, weekends, all January months, 2017 January, this week, last week, etc.


This built-in feature of TURBOARD let’s user set alerts for business related data anomalies. An anomaly might be:

  • A drop or new addition to a list of over quota sales reps
  • A sharp increase or decrease in branch revenues
  • Products that are selling at an unusual premium to other products

These alerts are saved in TURBOARD for future reference.


Periodic snapshots of visualizations or full dashboards can be sent to emails using reporting. A filter can be set for each report. A report can be

  • Weekly sales dashboard of a specific branch sent to branch manager

Unlike competitors who have a reporting (excluding majority who doesn’t have) reports is not created in another module in TURBOARD. Once a dashboard is created it can be used for reporting without a need to deal with configuring agents which would require technical expertise.


A successful BI Project should be accessible from anywhere without a need for specialized installation. As a fully web based product TURBOARD can be used with browsers anywhere. Moreover, the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android) allows anyone to install the TURBOARD app for data visualization once that user is properly logged in.


There are multiple levels of TURBOARD embedding that makes it suitable for OEM installations.

  • Visualizations can be opened within only a specific environment using external table authentication
  • Visualizations can be shared for global access without a need for authentication
  • Image screenshot of a visualization can be shared that will automatically refresh


Comparing datasets by changing parameters (filters) is a typical use of business intelligence dashboards. With TURBOARD users can use a clone button to present dashboards in side-by-side comparison form. This permits the user to:

  • See how and why one branch is different from another
  • With one click clearly see differences in percentages without writing an expression

This is a feature that has a pending application for patent protection.


There are two map options in TURBOARD

SVG: Users can add her own 2 dimensional map in standard SVG form. Synonyms for regions on the map can be easily done through the TURBOARD interface.

GIS: A map infrastructure like Google, Bing, Openstreetmap can be used and multiple measures shown on map with circles or as a heatmap.

Benefits, Not Just Features

Your needs are important. Your feedback and requests are taken seriously and addressed promptly with the service and developer teams working under the same roof.

With the UX approach of displaying relevant features only in context, new features that can benefit users can be regularly applied added without compromising usability.

frequently asked questions

TURBOARD Addresses Multiple Needs to Become an Effective BI Tool?

Business intelligence software should be easy to use yet address complicated challenges. This begs the question: is TURBOARD designed to allow casual users create stunning visualizations, or is it designed to permit power users to conduct deep data dives? In fact, when appropriately configured TURBOARD is suitable for both for business users who need a system that responds to simple first steps and data scientists who would like to use SQL to get exactly the information they want.

For power users with TURBOARD there is no need to learn another expression system. Native SQL with TURBOARD does the job.

What Is the Versioning Policy?

TURBOARD is updated regularly with new versions released the first Friday of every month and identified by year and month, i.e., 2018.09. As necessary, hot fixes are issued between regular updates.

See it in Action

Every company’s needs  are different making it impossible to show the capabilities of TURBOARD with a simple online video. Contact us for a demo on how TURBOARD can let you see your business with a whole perspective.

The Price?

TURBOARD is an affordable software with important savings when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO).

Contact us for a demo and to discuss how TURBOARD can meet your particular needs while saving you money.