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TURBOARD is a Business Intelligence software that generates actionable insights into your business practices, resulting in measurable productivity gains and cost savings.

TURBOARD is fully web based, easy to use and offers a rich set of features.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Old school Bl is feature-heavy but hard to use. New generation Bl is easier to use but provides limited capabilities. TURBOARD offers feature rich, next generation Bl, focused on monitoring important changes in data.

Full Scale Service

Full Scale Service

TURBOARD improves the strategic use of data by providing the know­how to develop clear visualizations that help corporations make better use of data for decision making.

Big Data

Big Data

Most Bl projects stumble at the data level. Except for the simplest data sets,  Bl tools rarely work as expected with an operational database. The TURBOARD team uses top notch open source big data systems to create sustainable databases.

Where  is being used?

TURBOARD is the latest version of data visualization software that was first developed in 2004. Current customers of TURBOARD include PharmaCircle (a knowledge management company serving 80% of all big pharmaceutical companies), the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Development Turkey and a municipality of Ankara.

frequently asked questions

Five essential elements about TURBOARD

  1. Single Provider: Software and service is provided by the same company: E-Kalite, resulting in a seamless customer experience.
  2. Presets: Default settings provide easy deployment. This makes set up and training very simple and quick.
  3. Alerts/Reporting: Users can create regular reports or configure the software to monitor data related anomalies, such as significant changes in essential business variables.
  4. In-Memory: Lightning fast operations supported by in-memory cache.
  5. Filtering: A dozen HTML5 powered filter types that ease playing with data.

To whom TURBOARD will help?

Any corporate with an impulse to better utilization of data to increase revenue, reduce  costs or improve efficiencies can use TURBOARD.

Making use of data for decision making is not a trivial step a corporate may take easily. It needs expertise and know-how and probably may end in building or improvement in decision support and reporting departments.

Taking the first steps together with TURBOARD team will relieve the pain of moving to another stage in corporate history.

What is Business Inteligence?

BI refers to systems that support decision making by producing reports by means of easy to understand and use interfaces. Other terms for Business Intelligence include decision support systems, reporting tools, data discovery, business dashboards and business analytics.


TURBOARD is the name of the last iteration of data visualization software built by E-Kalite in 2004 with the launch of web based software for the management of  pharmaceutical data. More than 80% of major pharmaceutical companies use services powered by TURBOARD.

Is TURBOARD funded or supported?

Due successful installations and financial stability TURBOARD is not looking for funds. But it’s continuously being supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. As it’s a government approved research and development software being built in Middle East Technical University Campus it’s exempt from taxes.

Who is building TURBOARD?

TURBOARD is designed and supported by E-Kalite, a a profitable, privately held software company with 3 offices in reputable Middle East Technical University Campus and more than 40 employees.