Turboard – Turbofast Dashboards: New Gen BI Tool

Stand out!

In today’s ultra-competitive world, it is critical that businesses succeed in finding ways to get ahead of the competition. Turboard can give you this advantage with analytics to understand your business better.


If your data is large and coming from different sources, chances are, that it is scattered and hard to get insights out of it. With Turboard, you can combine these scattered parts and integrate them into one to gain accurate and fast visibility into your data.


Analytical insight can maximize loyalty and revenue by extending the right offer at the right time to the right customer. Turboard can deliver these insights in a very easy way. Understand more and stay ahead of the game.

Simplistic dashboard that shows only a part of what can be done by Turboard

Simplistic dashboard that shows only a part of what can be done by Turboard


Most of the data visualization tools leaves you alone with the complexities of your data..

Are there multiple data sources around?

Even in a middle-sized company there are several different softwares running for different aims and purposes. Finance, HR, CRM…you name it. Most of the time, even the data produced in these different systems are hiding insights, which can only be harvested if they are connected to each other. Combining these data sources and getting insights of these would be troublesome, unless you have Turboard. Regardless of your database systems, Turboard extracts the schema and visualize the data in one single interface. You may say goodbye to your old software and continue with an interface which is built 100% by yourself.

Do you also have files and documents?

Let’s be honest and accept most of the companies have valuable information in independent documents. These files need to be treated as data sources and used in decision making process. Turboard brings them in action for you.

Are you lost in the connections between databases, files and documents?

E-Kalite has been dealing with so many different databases since 2003 and knows very well about the anti patterns in data. Holding this experience, Turboard has full control to shape up the data sources. Unlike other competitors, Turboard does not limit you to the field names hence it allows you to build the right connection by guiding you with even visually designed debug interfaces.

Make your data shine with Turboard! Would you like to see how?